June Open Meetings Postponed

Please note that our vane sailing secretary has regrettably announced that the Pugwash and Northern District 36r events scheduled for Llandudno in June will have to be postponed until later in the year.

MYA Vane 36r National Championships

Two Vane 36r’s from Llandudno contested the vane 36r national championships at Birkenhead lake.  This is the first vane race held at Birkenhead in approximately 20 years and it was a pleasure to sail on this excellent water with a convenient and well appointed clubhouse.

  • Gecko Sailed by Dave and Rob Bell
  • Koorah Sailed by Alan and Marg Bell

A total of 9 entries contested the trophy over the weekend 9th – 10th April.

On Saturday a complete round of 9 heats was sailed.  Initially conditions were light and variable, however a breeze moved in with the tide from the NW end  to provide excellent competition in top and later second suit sails.  conditions gradually eased as the tide receded back to a top suit.  Gecko finished the day 7 points clear at the top of the table.

On Sunday the wind freshened from the SE end of the lake providing racing in a gusty  second and third suit breeze.  Some spectacular broaches were seen by competitors flying excessively tall spinnakers.

The final summing of the boards sailed resulted in a win for Gecko (co-skippered by Dave Bell/Rob Bell).  Chris Harris and Sam Roberts chased hard but were unable to catch up and had to settle for second.


RGB 2016.04.10

Sailing Report Thurs April 7th 2016

An excellent night’s sailing and a good range of craft on the water:-
  • 2 Dragonforce 65’s
  • 2 Dragonflite 95’s
  • 2 Vane 36r’s
It was nice and kind of members to allow two young visitors to’ have a go’  at sailing their
Dragon 65’s.  Actions like this will hopefully encourage new and younger members to join the club.
I hope we can continue to expand the fleet as the season progresses.  John Brierley is going to arrange races for Dragon 65’s and 95’s in the near future. Please get your batteries charged in eager anticipation!
(From Michael Smee’s Email 8.4.16)

Sailing Report Thurs March 31st 2016

Last Thursday we had  :-
  • 3 Dragonforce 65’s
  • 1 Dragonflite 95
  • 1 Vane 36r

sailing down at the West Shore Lake.

A good start to the season, but, can we please try and improve on this tally?
Please come down to our beautiful lake, after all, we have one of prettiest lakes in the country, and enjoy an evening sailing. Even better bring along a friend who might be interested in joining us!
Looking forward to seeing you all.
(From Michael Smee’s Email 5.4.2016)

2016 Season Begins

Michael has confirmed that the West Shore lake is being filled.  A big thank you to Michael for his considerable efforts in contacting the council to provide sailing waters for us to enjoy.

Vane 36 National Championships @ West Shore

At the end of June the Vane 36 National Championships will be held at the historic West Shore Lake in Llandudno.

With the renewed interest in Vane sailing at the club and with current Vane National Champions in the club there could be a good result for the Llandudno MYC at the event.

As you can see we have added a specific page to the menu bar, so click on this for much more detail about the event and get your entry in!