126 years after the original club was formed the club has re-formed and we are once again sailing on the boating pool at the West shore of Llandudno.  We think that our pond has the most picturesque scenery of any that we know.

The  aims of the club are to promote sailing and racing of vane steered and radio controlled model sailing yachts.  We sail a number of MYA  classes including 36R, DragonForce RG65’s, Vintage Marbleheads, and even the occasional International A Class.   We are limited by the depth of the pond to a maximum of around 18″ / 450mm (water levels dependent)

Llandudno Model Yacht Club has held major events since it’s restart , including the Vane 36 Nationals, Pugwash Trophy, and a 2 day event featuring the USA v UK challenge cup.  Our members span a wide range of ages and abilities from novice sailors to national champions.  We are keen for you to ‘have a go’ and more experienced members are usually more than happy to share tips and advice, and even to let you have a go.

Vane and Radio Sailing is a great sport enjoyed by competitors of all ages!  Why not get in touch or come on down to West Shore and have a go?

If you have any enquiries regarding events or club fixtures please contact the clubs acting secretary  Michael Smee or via the clubs email address at llandudnomyc@gmail.com

Please also add us as a friend on Facebook, we would love to know your comments and ideas!



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